Another important focus of Leaseurope’s advocacy work is mobility, as we actively engage on EU initiatives impacting automotive leasing and rental.

Electric car charging

This includes highlighting to policymakers the positive role leasing and rental can play in providing low carbon mobility, enhanced road safety and intelligent mobility solutions. One of our main work streams has been the coordination of an overall approach on vehicle connectivity. Additionally, Leaseurope’s continuous efforts regarding Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (MVBER) have kept the automotive aftermarket operating in a fair and competitive environment.

External partnerships form a key part of our activities, with Leaseurope being part of AFCAR (Alliance for the Freedom of Car Repair), an active Member of the MaaS (Mobility as a Service) Alliance and part of the European Tourism Manifesto. We are also sitting members of numerous European Commission expert groups related to mobility topics.

Key Priorities

Our current priorities are addressed in various thematic working groups and task forces, including the Automotive Steering Group, Car Leasing Working Group, Car Rental Working Group, Connected Vehicle Working Group, Truck Rental Working Group and Shared and Urban Mobility Task Force. You will find below a non-exhaustive list of several of the key priorities Leaseurope is engaged on:

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Provide relevant inputs in the MaaS Alliance workstreams to ensure leasing and rental play a role in the new mobility ecosystem. See our dedicated webpage on MaaS.

Vehicle connectivity

Ensure a level playing field regarding access to in-vehicle data by advocating for an adequate EU regulatory framework for the automotive aftermarket business to flourish. See our dedicated webpage on vehicle connectivity.

Motor Vehicle Block Exemption (MVBER)

Respond to EU consultations to make sure a regime of undistorted competition and a well-functioning EU single market are in place.

Road traffic fines (EUCARIS)

Support members national advocacy regarding an EU facilitation of the current cross-border fines issues by advocating for a digitalised solution of data sharing within Member States.