Within European regulation, there are a wide range of ongoing policy discussions related to compliance that have significant impact on the operations of leasing and automotive rental firms, from consumer protection to insolvency procedures.  

Compliance visual

When it comes to compliance, developments related to leasing and automotive rental customers are an important part of doing business. For instance, changes in national insolvency frameworks impacts lessors’ ability to retrieve the leased assets they own, while collective redress proposals alter how consumers address potential breaches in their rights.

Key priorities

Due to the nature of compliance, our focus in this area spans across multiple areas of relevance to leasing and automotive rental operations.

Consumer protection

Assess the impact of the collective redress directive on the leasing and automotive rental industries, which allows for representative actions to be taken across all Member States.


Communicate the low risk nature of our industries in the context of money laundering and terrorist financing, in addition to working closely with relevant stakeholders like Europol. See our dedicated webpage on fraud.


Evaluate the impact of the review of the Insurance Distribution Directive on the leasing and automotive rental industries.


Monitor the implementation of the Insolvency Directive, which alters the insolvency frameworks at national level to the benefit of entrepreneurs and SMEs, as well as evaluate the potential impact of the proposal to increase convergence between national insolvency laws more generally.