Enabling business investment

Leasing is a major source of investment support for European businesses that is used by companies of all sizes and across all industries, including the public sector.

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Leasing for growth in Europe

In 2020, leasing and vehicle rental firms helped European businesses fund over €351 billion in new assets, with a total outstanding lease portfolio of almost €715 billion. This includes key business assets like manufacturing equipment, fleet cars, IT hardware and software, transport vans and trucks, printers, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, real estate, medical equipment and many more. Ultimately leasing enabled 18% of all business equipment investment in Europe, whether financed or not.

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Benefits of leasing

  • Allow temporary and flexible use of an asset without the hassles related to ownership
  • Additional services like sharing, maintenance, insurance can be included
  • Manage working capital by spreading payments over the life of the asset
  • Upgrade to latest, energy efficient technologies while recycling, re-using or re-leasing of the asset is possible, maximising asset life cycle
  • No additional collateral required due to the in-built security provided by lessor’s ownership of the asset
  • Can be accessed at the point of sale when buying the asset, resulting in a convenient one-stop-shop
  • Supports manufacturers in their sales, helping to boost use of newer technologies

Find out more about leasing

Leaseurope created a video to help explain what leasing is and how it contributes to the European economy by supporting business investment. We show how leasing is particularly well suited for SMEs, supports manufacturer sales and encourages sustainable investment and a more efficient use of resources.

In addition to the video, there is a brochure available with some more detailed facts and figures on the benefits of leasing.

Download the leasing for growth leaflet