Moving Europe

Automotive leasing and vehicle rental services allow millions of Europeans to grow their business, service customers, transport goods and simply get from A to B. Leased cars, vans and trucks are key to the success of numerous sectors including retail, construction, transport, services, logistics and many more.

Trucks driving on road

Leasing and mobility go hand in hand

Our members are an essential part of the automotive supply chain and responsible for approximately 46% of all vehicles registered in the European Union; generating new leasing and rental volumes in the amount of €386.4 billion, with close to a trillion euros in outstanding portfolio.

Leaseurope’s members enable European consumers to enjoy carefree mobility services, be it for pleasure or business. This means putting the cleanest heavy goods vehicles, vans, ultra-low emission cars, minibuses or temperature-controlled trucks on Europe’s roads. Furthermore, over 40% of SMEs in Europe, rely on leased and rented assets to enable them to remain in business in the most cost-effective manner possible.