Leaseurope Index

The Leaseurope Index is a unique quarterly survey of European leasing companies tracking financial KPIs in addition to volumes and portfolios.

Reading data reports

Quarterly survey

The Leaseurope Index Quarterly survey tracks aggregate European level financial performance indicators four times per year, providing an up-to-date look at the financial health of the leasing sector in Europe. 

Segment survey

In addition to the regular quarterly report, Leaseurope publishes a more detailed supplement, namely the Segment Survey. This annual report shows aggregate financial KPI ratios for each of four asset types, namely equipment, real estate, passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Tim Albertsen

View from the industry

TIm Albertsen, Group CEO at ALD Automotive, commented

“Despite various economic headwinds during the first half of this year, the European leasing industry managed to perform solidly in the third quarter. As the cost/income ratios continue to increase, going forward lessors must be wary of raising operating expenses and take the necessary actions. Heading to 2023, business investment growth is expected to be subdued, weighed by demand and supply side factors. This sets the stage for potentially challenging market dynamics for the year ahead. Lessors will need to focus on our core strengths in order to continue outperforming the market.”

About the Leaseurope Index

The Leaseurope Index is the only survey that tracks trends in key performance indicators for the leasing sector at European level. A representative sample of large pan-European leasing companies report their figures for each indicator to Leaseurope, which aggregates the results on a confidential basis. Due to the aggregate nature, no inferences can be made about any individual company’s performance based on published data. The sample represents a significant share of the total European leasing market and is broadly representitive in terms of geographic and asset coverage, including general leasing companies, automotive lessors, captive equipment vendors etc.