Real estate

As an important part of the European leasing industry, regulatory initiatives that could impact the real estate leasing sector are of concern to Leaseurope. This ranges from initiatives linked to the European Green Deal and sustainable finance, to measures impacting the capital requirements for real estate leasing.

Office building

In addition to stressing the crucial role the leasing industry plays in the real estate market across the EU, Leaseurope continues to highlight the part this sector can play in other priority areas, such as enabling the transition towards more environmentally friendly buildings, and helping SMEs in securing office space.  The leasing industry is also an important driver of urban planning, with many commercial premises, such as shopping centres, being leased.

Key priorities

Our key priorities in the context of real estate are as follows:

European Green Deal

Evaluate the effect of various initiatives that impact the real estate sector in the context of the European Green Deal, which includes stricter enforcement of existing regulation on the energy performance of buildings.


Monitor the impact of changes as a result of the Insolvency Directive, and its interpretation at national level, as this is applicable to SMEs and entrepreneurs which form a major part of the real estate leasing sector.

Prudential regulation

Assess the prudential framework applicable to real estate leasing and ensure that its low risk nature is adequately recognised.