Sustainability is one of the most important areas of attention for European policymakers. Many regulatory initiatives around sustainability have significant relevance for the leasing and automotive rental sectors, including circular economy and the European Green Deal.

Sustainable money plants

As well as highlighting the key role leasing and automotive rental can play in promoting sustainability and helping achieve the EU’s climate goals, Leaseurope continues to monitor the impact of these initiatives on its members’ operations. Many initiatives, such as those around the circular economy or sustainable finance, are of particular relevance to our sector which funds investment in physical assets and remain asset owners.

Key priorities

While there are many different facets of sustainability for regulators to discuss, Leaseurope’s work in this area is centred around initiatives where the leasing industry has a major role to play.

Circular economy

Communicate the key role the leasing and automotive rental industries can play in enabling the transition towards a circular economy, ensuring assets are used throughout their lifecycle and recycled accordingly. See our dedicated webpage on circular economy.

European Green Deal

Assess the impact of the far reaching and ambitious European Green Deal on our industry, particularly the emissions targets that will be enshrined through the European Climate Law.

Low emission zones

Evaluate how our industry can facilitate the goal of lowering vehicle emissions, whilst ensuring a balanced approach that takes into account infrastructure requirements and consumer preferences.

Sustainable finance

Analyse the impact on our sector of the Sustainable Finance Action Plan, which aims to incorporate environmental, social, and governance criteria into the European financial system to promote more eco-friendly investments and business models. See our paper on the role of leasing in transition finance.