Facilitating the green transition

Leasing and vehicle rental firms have a key role to play in creating a more sustainable Europe, from funding energy efficient assets, greening the car and truck fleet, promoting a circular business model, to financing clean energy.

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Leasing for a greener Europe

By allowing asset use without asset ownership, leasing and rental enables a fundamental shift in traditional consumption and production models towards the ‘circular economy’. Our sector provides the possibility for firms to upgrade assets, thus giving them access to the latest, most efficient technology available, keeping SMEs competitive and in line with new environmental and sustainability targets.

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Benefits of leasing

There are numerous ways that leasing and automotive rental can assist with the green transition in Europe.

  • Replacing old polluting equipment with cleaner, energy efficient assets
  • As lessors are the owners, assets and materials can be re-leased, refurbished, reused or recycled
  • Ensures access to capital for sustainable energy production like wind turbines, biofuel processing plants, photovoltaic panels, long lasting battery cells etc.
  • Leasing helps drive uptake of clean vehicle technology, with pollution from the leased car fleet steadily dropping each year