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The Annual Statistical Enquiry covers many aspects of leasing and automotive rental on both a national and pan-European basis, including figures on new volumes and leasing portfolios, the types of assets leased, contract terms and the industry's clients. The survey also provides a focus on automotive leasing and rental (both long and short term) activities in Europe, with unparalleled information on the leasing and rental markets and fleets of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

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Facts & Figures

The results of the Annual Statistical Enquiry are presented in the Facts & Figures brochure summarising the main characteristics of the leasing and automotive rental sectors. This includes information on market size, its dynamics and composition, with breakdowns by country, key assets and client types.

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Historical data

To access Leaseurope’s annual and biannual statistics on the leasing and automotive rental market from previous years, as well as earlier editions of the Facts & Figures, please click the link below.

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