Innovating tomorrow, today

We live in a rapidly evolving world and Leaseurope brings the leasing and automotive sector together to discuss and collaborate on the future innovations that will shape our industries.

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The future of leasing and vehicle rental

Leaseurope closely follows developments in Europe that could foster, or hinder, innovation in the leasing and vehicle rental industries. How our firms do business is evolving, with sustainability thinking touching every part of the value chain from what assets to lease/rent, to how to dispose of them at the end of their life. New technologies are often being scrutinised by regulators, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain, and use of consumer and business data is of key concern to policymakers. Leaseurope provides a platform where our community can meet to discuss, brainstorm and share ideas on what the future of our sector could look like.

CEO Business Council meeting

CEO Business Council

For nine years, the CEO Business Council has been a unique platform where chief executives from across the European asset and automotive finance industry meet to discuss and exchange views on the challenges they face as industry leaders. The Business Councils are moderated by the specialised asset finance consultancy Invigors EMEA. After each Business Council, Leaseurope releases a summary report capturing the main themes of discussion. By sharing the strategic challenges and opportunities that European industry leaders identify in this platform, Leaseurope hopes to be able to contribute to a better understanding of how the industry is evolving and foster further debate on its future.

Future Group meeting

Leaseurope Future Group

Encouraging innovation in our industry by harnessing the talents of young up-and-coming lessors, was a topic of discussion at the inaugural Leaseurope CEO Business Council in 2013. Thus, the Leaseurope Future Group was born, which has been managed successfully together with associate member Invigors. Each year, Leaseurope hosts a group of young industry practitioners, nominated by their CEOs, who work together on creating innovative solutions for our sector. These ideas are routinely showcased at Leaseurope's annual convention and later summarised in a report shared with the leasing industry. To date, it has created an alumni of 135 leasing professionals across many different disciplines, member firms and countries and generated over 95 innovative ideas.

The 2018-2019 & 2022-2023 Future Groups were proudly sponsored by New Leaf Search, UK and international asset finance and leasing recruitment specialists.

If you would like to receive the latest copies of the CEO Business Council and Future Group reports, please s.vanbakel [at] (contact us).