Car rental an essential mobility provider

Vehicle rental needs to be recognised as an essential mobility and supply chain service provider during the Covid-19 crisis across Europe.

Leaseurope, the trade federation representing automotive leasing and rental at European level, is calling for the vehicle rental sector to be recognised as an essential mobility and supply chain service provider.

Whilst governments consider the measures it might take to limit the impact of COVID-19, Leaseurope wishes to reiterate the vital role that the vehicle rental sector will play in maintaining the essential movement of people, goods and services as the situation evolves. The rental industry is an integral part of the supply chain and operating model for many businesses in the logistics sector, health services, police, social care, as well as local and central government. Whether it is Heavy Goods Vehicles, vans, ultra-low emission cars, minibuses or temperature-controlled trucks, our members are able to provide access to a huge variety of different vehicles at very short notice.

Public transport in many countries has already been cut drastically, the production of vehicle parts (many of which are produced in China) has halted, and vehicle repair shops (which many people -including key workers- rely on to keep their vehicle in working order) have been required to close in most countries. The short-term rental industry could play a key in role in mitigating the impact this unprecedented level of supply chain disruption and government measures has on the ability of key workers and goods to continue to move, and ensuring business continuity occurs for vital goods and services.

For these reasons, it is very important that any planned business or transport closures being considered do not include vehicle rental branches, due to their essential role in providing mobility to frontline services personnel and to ensure supply continuity.