Leaseurope Associate Member Alfa published their third & final publication of Digital Directions

Alfa reveals new insights on digital ecosystems in asset finance.

Alfa published the first set of their publication Digital Directions in 2017, the first report focused on leading industry opinion regarding the impact of digitalisation in asset finance. A second report came out in 2018 and looked more closely into the digital journey of retail, fleet and equipment finance industries.  

Digital Directions 3: Building a digital ecosystem for asset finance dives deep into the influential role technology providers in a post-pandemic setting where digitalisation has become a priority for the industry. 

Andrew Flegg, Alfa’s Chief Technology Officer

"Where technology providers would once equip their customers with proprietary, standalone, end-to-end platforms, these days it’s much more likely to be discrete, modular applications that interact seamlessly with others. The goal for today’s customers - and providers - is to embed all technology in a wider digital ecosystem; an ecosystem that provides cutting-edge capabilities and can be developed by the provider, its clients, or specialist third parties. 

Digital Directions 3 offers insight into the emerging role of technology providers as ecosystems enablers, and discusses the current opportunities to deploy these ecosystems in a way that meets the needs of the auto and equipment finance industry."

Digital Directions 3 was produced in partnership with Asset Finance Connect