Capital Markets - Securitisation

Leaseurope join forces to improve the regulatory framework for securitisations in Europe

Leaseurope joined 8 other relevant stakeholders to point out that Securitisation cannot fully play its vital role for the European economy without a number of key reforms.  

We highlighted to Commissioner Mairead McGuiness, the Chair of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee and other relevant policy makers the importance of a safe but developed securitisation market for the financing of the European real economy, and in particular for the green transition, where leasing plays a key role. We also highlighted the importance of an appropriate treatment for securitisation in the EU Green Bond Standard, to finance the green transition. A well-developed green securitisation standard would support the financing of leasing companies at cheaper rates, which in turn expands the sources of finance available for our sector. 

Ms. McGuinness expressed in her response the importance of ensuring a well-functioning securitisation market, also to finance the transition to a sustainable European economy. She emphasised that the Commission took important steps to support securitisation markets in the EU in recent years with the adoption of the Securitisation Regulation, the Capital Markets Recovery Package, and the respective amendments to the prudential rules in the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) and in Solvency II. In addition, the Commission awaits positive legislative changes for securitisations to be included in the CRR III, which have been agreed at political level and are currently being discussed by the technical experts. Leaseurope expects that those changes will help the European securitisation market to develop further, which will increase the alternative sources of financing for our industry.