Leaseurope launches new webpage on reducing pollution for EU Green Week

Leaseurope supports the EU Green Week theme of zero pollution, which resonates strongly within the leasing sector.

As Europe reduces its carbon footprint in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change, the focus on producing and using energy efficient assets, lowering CO2 emissions and creating clean energy has increased. Leasing and automotive rental has an important role to play in this endeavour, as they help European businesses invest in equipment, vehicles and real estate. The leasing and rental business model is essentially circular in nature and assists in reducing pollution in many different ways.

  • Upgrading equipment to be greener and less polluting, conforming to new regulatory standards in a quicker timeframe
  • Reducing CO2 emissions within the lease and rental fleet, more sustainable mobility and transport sector
  • Investing in clean energy production
  • Specialising in reuse and recycling of equipment and vehicles
  • Supporting the renovation wave through construction and real estate sectors
  • Declining greenhouse gas emissions within the leasing and rental sector itself

To align with the theme of this year’s European Green Week, Leaseurope has launched a new webpage detailing exactly how leasing and automotive rental can contribute to reducing Europe’s carbon footprint going forward.