Future Group Publications

One of Leaseurope’s mandates is to encourage information exchange and the sharing of best practices amongst the wider industry. As such, Leaseurope thinks it is important to showcase all of the great individual ideas put forward by each Future Group Class. Over the last two years it has done so through the release of a yearly publication.


To round up the work of the 2014 Future Group, this year’s publication showcases 13 out of the 15 original ideas put forward by the 2014 Class. All of the innovations had to either harness or integrate a disruptive innovation, such as Big Data or Collaborative Consumption, into the leasing business. We hope that the wide variety of concepts developed by Future Group members will provide European lessors with food for thought when it comes to their own businesses.


To round up the work of the 2013 Future Group, we released a publication showcasing ten of the individual innovations that the class came up with that would revolutionise any aspect of the leasing business.

The Future Group Class of 2015, which will kick-off in April, will also be contributing to a similar publication, which should be released by the end of the year.

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2015 Future Group at the Annual Convention

There will be a special, dedicated Future Group session at this year's Leaseurope Annual Convention in Cascais, Portugal. The top ideas put forward by the 2015 class will be developed further throughout the course of 2015 and presented to the industry in October 2015. We are looking forward to what this class has in store for the European industry!

To find out more about the Convention and the Future Group session, please visit the Annual Convention website here or contact Leaseurope's Head of Communications, Anne Valette, at

Views on the Future Group Programme

Jacqueline Mills, former Director of Asset Finance & Research at Leaseurope and coordinator of the Future Group Programme, comments on the success of the Future Group Programme: "The Future Group has been extremely well-received by the industry and by the CEOs who nominated their young talents. When we asked for feedback on the different sessions at the Annual Convention a lot of people said the Future Group session was one of the best. I think it definitely struck a chord and we are encouraged a lot by that." (Leasing Life, April 2014)

Hywel Prewett, Business Development Manager for Wholesale at Aldermore Asset Finance and 2013 Future Group participant, adds "Not only have I got benefit from adding to my own personal network of contacts, but feel I've met some truly interesting, intelligent people, who have helped me develop. I hope we remain friends for a number of years, and who knows, we may even do a deal together one day." (Leasing Life, April 2014)

Martin Hofmann, International Programme Manager for the Industrial Equipment & Transport Division at Societe Generale Equipment Finance and 2014 Future Group participant states, "It was quite a great experience to join the Future Group Class of 2014 where we got to exchange opinions as well as compete along the best talents of the industry in Europe. A sincere thanks to the Leaseurope and Invigors teams for the great support through the last six months."

Pascal Feijt, Relationship Manager in Vendor Leasing at ING Lease and 2014 Future Group participant, notes, "Being part of the Future Group gave me a broader view on the leasing business in Europe, an excellent network, time to really think about the future of leasing as well as an opportunity to learn from all the expertise that was shared during the Future Group preparation and the Annual Convention."

External Contributions

Jane Theobald, Recruitment Director at New Leaf Search, contributed an informative piece in the Leaseurope 2014 Future Group publication, entitled 'Fine Tune your Brand to Attract Young Talent'.

Katherine Amin, Recruitment Director from New Leaf Search, contributed an insightful external piece in the Leaseurope 2013 Future Group Publication entitled 'Attracting and retaining talent in the leasing industry'.

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The Future Group Programme

Leaseurope's Future Group

In 2013, Leaseurope, in close cooperation with its Associate Member, Invigors, launched a high profile programme - the Future Group Programme - with the aim of supporting and nurturing the brightest young talents who are the future leaders of the leasing and automotive rental industry.

The objectives of the Future Group Programme are to:

  • Identify and encourage young talents in the industry;
  • Help these young talents discover the multiple facets of the industry beyond their daily activities;
  • Provide the young talents with an environment in which they can express themselves free of constraints and develop innovative ideas, which may benefit the entire industry;
  • Allow the young talents to engage with the wider industry, giving them exposure to senior industry practitioners and visibility at the Annual Convention;
  • Help young talents create a European network;
  • Establish a talent pool from which future industry leaders may emerge.

Future Group Class of 2013

The Future Group - Class of 2013 - composed of young industry talents nominated by the heads of European leasing companies, were tasked to come with up new, innovative ideas that would “revolutionise” any aspect of the business. The top three projects were presented at Leaseurope’s 2013 Annual Convention in Rome.


The sixteen Future Group members were (from left to right): Alberto Petroni, UniCredit Leasing | Paul-Antoine Stirn, ALD International | Brigitte Rebhan, Deutsche Leasing | Frits Engelaer, De Lage Landen | Marco Ripamonti, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions Italy | Michal Meclewski, ING Lease Poland | Helga Laureys, Belfius Lease | Etelvina Saavedra, Societe General Equipment Finance | Luca Samori, LeasePlan | Kari Makela, 3STEPIT | Gernot Prettenthaler, Raiffeisen Leasing | Hywel Prewett, Aldermore | Marcin Podwojski, mLeasing | Juho Väinölä, Nordea Finance | Vincent Romanelli, Investec | Airlie Smith, GE Capital

Future Group Class of 2014

As in 2013, the philosophy and spirit of innovation is still at the very core of the 2014 Future Group. The brief of the class of 2014 was to come up with an innovative idea for the leasing industry to harness or integrate the potential of a disruptive innovation like new manufacturing technologies (3D printing, nano-technology), digital strategies (internet of things, big data) or the circular economy.

Future Group Class of 2014 (from left to right): Pascal Feijt, ING Lease; Philipp Gränz, Deutsche Leasing; Anna Naplocha, De Lage Landen; Mārtiņš Buls, Nordea Finance Latvia; Pierre-Yves Meert, ALD Automotive Luxembourg; Fieke de Haan, ABN Amro Lease; Jon Hanson, Lombard; Paolo Catarozzo, ICRREA Bancaimpressa; Martin Hofmann, Societe Generale Equipment Finance; Krzysztof Rowinski, mLeasing; Vincent Jacquelin, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions; Andrew Hutchings, 3 Step IT UK; Susanne van der Mark, LeasePlan Corporation; Alexandra Embacher, Raiffeisen Leasing; Alberto Onesti, UniCredit Leasing.

The winning projects for 2014 included: i) how “gamification” can help the car leasing industry reach out to consumers; ii) a platform which takes advantage of the potential for collaborative consumption in leasing; and iii) an “app” which provides lessees with more flexibility in their financial planning.

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Industry Press Recognises Leaseurope's Future Group Programme

Leasing World published an article in September 2014, highlighting the positive feedback Leaseurope has received from European industry leaders on the Future Group programme. Additionally, the article announces the top projects selected from the 2014 class, which promises to be a very exciting session at Leaseurope's Annual Convention in Barcelona on 10 October.

To read the full article, please click here.

Asset Finance International issued an article briefly discussing the upcoming 2014 Future Group class as well as giving an overview of the 2013 Future Group and their winning projects. The article, "Wanted: Young European lessors with a vision for innovation," profiled the three winning candidates and their individual innovations that were presented at Leaseurope's 2013 Annual Convention in Rome.

To read the full article, please click here.

Leasing Life wrote an article puting a spotlight on Leaseurope's Future Group Programme in its April 2014 edition entitled, "Forging the Networks of the Future." Leasing Life's Grant Collinson spoke to some of the participants from the 2013 Future Group to get their views on their experience being part of the Programme's inaugural year. Additionally, Leaseurope's Jacqueline Mills, Director of Asset Finance & Research and coordinator of the Future Group, speaks about the positive feedback she has received from the industry and Future Group participants.

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Leasing World published a special feature on Leaseurope's Annual Convention and, in particular, the Future Group and its dedicated Convention session named, "Delivering the Future." It gave an overview of what the Future Group participants had been tasked to do over the course of 2013 and explained the three "winning" innovations that were presented to the European industry in Rome in October 2013. To conclude, the feature also gave an overview of all sixteen innovative ideas that the 2013 class came up with.

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