Founded in 1972, Leaseurope, the European Federation of Leasing Company Associations, is an international non-profit association. Since April 2006, Leaseurope also represents as an umbrella body the automotive rental company associations in Europe. It is registered in Belgium and operates a Brussels-based Secretariat headed by a Director General.

Leaseurope is governed by a Board of Directors and a General Assembly. The Board of Directors is assisted in its work by Technical Committees and Steering Groups covering various industry sectors. Members of these bodies are typically practitioners or industry representatives nominated by Leaseurope Member Associations.

The Council of the Secretary Generals provides the Directors of the Member Associations with a platform to exchange best practices and discuss the activities and performance of the Federation.

The Technical Committees are responsible for developing the positions of the Federation on, inter alia, proposed legislation and standards/practices. They also carry out analytical and quantitative work on the following global themes: Accounting and Taxation, Legal Affairs, Prudential Supervision, Statistics, Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European markets.

The Steering Groups are asset linked groups. They steer the work of the Federation and are responsible for developing positions in their respective field of competence. They may establish working groups and (ad hoc) taskforces when deemed necessary. The following Steering Groups have been created to date: the Real Estate Steering Group and the Automotive Steering Group with its working groups, namely the Car Rental Working Group, Car Leasing Working Group and Truck Rental Working Group. In addition, the Environmental, Security and Block Exemption Regulation Follow-up Task Forces have been established.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of twelve senior practitioners, as follows:

George Ashworth - UK Managing Director Asset Finance, Santander
Patrick Beselaere - Global Head, ING Lease - Europe
Pierre-Louis Colin - CEO, Fraikin Group
Christine Delamarre - CEO, Auxifip & Unifergie, Credit Agricole Leasing & Factoring
Enrico Duranti - CEO, Iccrea BancaImpresa
Paulo Jorge Fernandes Franco, Managing Director Leasing, Novo Banco
Morten Guldhaug - Senior VP – Advisor to the CEO, DNB Finans
Khaled Shahbo - UK Managing Director, Enterprise Rent-a-car
Alexander Schmidecker - CEO, Raiffeisen Leasing
Hubert Spechtenhauser - Member of the Management Board, UniCredit Leasing Germany
Norbert van den Eijnden - CEO, Alphabet
Mieczysław Woźniak - Leasing Department Director in Alior Bank & Deputy Chairman of Supervisory Board in Alior Leasing

The Chair of Leaseurope is M. Guldhaug

P.-L. Colin and A. Schmidecker are Vice-chairs.

Secretary: Anne Valette, Director General

General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all Members of the Federation.

Secretary: Klaudia Piaseczna, Legal Adviser

Council of the Secretaries General

The Council of the Secretaries General consists of all the full members' Secretaries or Directors General.

The purpose of the Council of the Secretaries General is:

  • to promote exchanges of views and best practices between full members;
  • to discuss the performance and activities of the Federation with the Director General;
  • to create a platform where full members can discuss and communicate their expectations vis-à -vis the Federation.

Secretary: Julie Debruyne, Office Manager

Committees & Groups


The Committee is dedicated to monitoring and analysing topics in the fields of accounting and taxation likely to impact the European leasing industry and is responsible for establishing the Federation's positions in these areas. The Committee is jointly chaired by an Accounting Affairs Co-Chair and a Taxation Affairs Co-Chair.

Under the responsibility of the Accounting Affairs Co-Chair, the Committee follows developments in International Financial Reporting Standards likely to affect European lessors or lessees. In particular, the Committee will be deeply involved in developing IFRS for SMEs and in the upcoming review of IAS17, the international accounting standard for leasing.

Under the responsibility of the Taxation Affairs Co-Chair, the Committee will review both direct and indirect taxation issues and will examine the impact of European Court of Justice decisions on European taxation (harmonization).

Chair: Accounting Affairs: Mark Venus, BNP Paribas

Secretary: Julian Rose, Consultant


The Committee is, inter alia, responsible for looking into policy issues affecting all leasing companies regardless of the leased/rental asset whilst avoiding duplication of the work of other committees.

Examples of policy issues discussed within the legal committee include insurance mediation, anti-money laundering and company law issues as well as B2C issues such as the Consumer Credit Directive (CCD) as it relates to leasing. On such issues the legal committee monitors, collects views and drafts position papers as necessary.

The Legal Committee also serves as a platform to share/exchange best practices, other information and acts as an information repository.

The Legal Committee has decision making powers (e.g. to approve position papers/create ad hoc task forces) and meets at the very least once per year, preferably twice.

Additional meetings can take place by conference call/work done by email as appropriate.

The Legal Committee is composed of a mix of Member Association professionals and leasing practitioners.

Chair: J. Parmar (UK)

Secretary: Klaudia Piaseczna, Legal Adviser


The focus of this Committee is the EU implementation of Basel III through the new capital requirements package known as “CRD IV”.  The Committee works to ensure that all specificities of leasing are understood and reflected in the CRD IV implementation phase as well as in EU supervisory practices. In order to achieve this, the Committee provides the lessor's point of view to supervisory authorities such as the EU Commission (DG FISMA), the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Central Bank (ECB).

The Committee also makes sure that the specifics of the leasing business are taking into account at international level by bodies such as the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

Chair: Y-M. Legrand (FR)

Secretary: Rafael Alarcón Abeti, Prudential Supervision Adviser


The Statistics Committee collects statistical data from Leaseurope's members on a twice-yearly basis. This information is used to produce statistical reports and articles analysing the European leasing market, thereby providing support to the Federation's lobbying activities and quantitative information on leasing to European authorities and to the public at large. The Committee is also a platform for exchange on developments within national leasing markets.

Chair: Laimonas Belickas, Leasing Committee at the Lithuanian Banking Association (LT)

Secretary: Jurgita Bucyte, Senior Adviser, Statistics & Economic Affairs


The Automotive Steering Group (ASG) develops arguments and positions on EU regulatory and legislative issues in the automotive sector. It is supported in its work by Working Groups and Task Forces. Working Groups are sector specific (RAC, truck rental, car leasing) while Task Force are more horizontal (i.e. theme-based, cross-sector).

The ASG is composed of a mix of Member Association professionals and automotive rental practitioners.

Chair: Gerry Keaney, BVRLA (UK)

Secretary: Richard Knubben, Director, Automotive Affairs

Car Leasing Working Group

This Workig Group analyses recent developments which may potentially impact the way the car leasing industry is regulated at European level.

Chair: Renate Hemerik, VNA  (NL)

Secretary: Richard Knubben, Director, Automotive Affairs

Car Rental  Working Group

This Working Group analyses recent developments which may potentially impact the way the car rental industry is regulated at European level.

Chair: Frank van Gool, RENTA (BE)

Secretary: Richard Knubben, Director, Automotive Affairs

Truck Rental Working Group

This Working Group is tasked with further developing the demands for the liberalisation of the truck rental market in Europe.

Chair: Olivier Foisson, Fraikin (FR)

Secretary: Richard Knubben, Director, Automotive Affairs

Connected Vehicles Working Group

Chair: François Piot (FR)

Secretary: Richard Knubben, Director, Automotive Affairs


The Real Estate Steering Group (RESG) aims at developing the European real estate leasing market further by identifying drivers for growth as well as obstacles faced by lessors and possible ways to overcome them. Also, it provides its members with a platform to share information on the trends and latest developments in the European real estate leasing market.

Chair: ad interim Wolfgang Steinmann (AT)

Secretary: Klaudia Piaseczna, Legal Adviser