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Building on our pioneering study conducted in 2011, Leaseurope is undertaking a new comprehensive research project on leasing to SMEs in Europe. This research will provide the industrywith updated and extended data showcasing leasing’s contributionto this sector, including drivers and motivations for SMEs to use leasing.

More news will follow in February 2015.

Leaseurope wishes to recognise the support received from Linedata, a global solutions provider committed to the leasing, consumer credit and car finance industry. To know more about Linedata please visit



Leaseurope co-hosted an event with UEAPME (the voice of small businesses in Europe) and ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in Brussels on 9 February on the impact of Basel 3 on SME financing and alternative sources of funding.

The summary report on this roundtable may be found here.

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The Use of Leasing Amongst European SMEs

Leasing is a vital source of finance for European SMEs. In order to better understand and quantify the importance of leasing to SMEs, Leaseurope commissioned leading economic consultancy Oxford Economics to undertake unique research investigating this subject.

3 000 SMEs in 8 European countries were surveyed in July 2011, resulting in an original dataset on the use of leasing by SMEs.

This exclusive research examines in detail to what extent, why and how Europe’s SMEs use leasing. It fills an information gap as no data quantifying SME leasing penetration has yet been published at European level. The study provides an evidence base to help policymakers better understand the role of leasing in financing SMEs and shows how leasing can support European economic growth by stimulating investment. It will also serve as a long term, robust industry reference tool. To find out more about the report’s content, click here.

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As shown throughout this report, leasing is a crucial form of finance for SMEs. Leaseurope is grateful for the contribution of the following European leasing companies who have subscribed to the report’s benefactors programme:

The SME leasing report is the third in a series of reports on a specialised industry segment published by Leaseurope. See the Publications section of our website for further information on industry segment reports.

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