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The 2015 SME Leasing report is part of Leaseurope’s Research Programme, which enables the Federation to be a catalyst for leasing and automotive rental related research at European level.

The Research Programme is instrumental in ensuring that the leasing industry is provided with up-to-date and comprehensive market data, research studies and publications on the trends and developments of the leasing and automotive rental industry. This research expertise helps to reaffirm our position as a unique information hub and centre for market intelligence.

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The Use of Leasing Amongst European SMEs 2015 Edition

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Leasing is an increasingly vital source of SME finance. To better understand how this key segment is evolving over time, Leaseurope has undertaken a new comprehensive research project on leasing to SMEs at European level in conjunction with leading economic consultancy Oxford Economics.

3 000 SMEs in 8 European countries were surveyed between August and September in 2014, thereby updating and building on our pioneering study conducted in 2011 with 2013/2014 figures.

This exclusive research demonstrates that leasing is a reliable source of investment finance for the SME sector and that promotion of this market would boost SME growth in the future. Our updated research should raise the awareness of leasing and reasons for promoting European and national initiatives aimed at improving SME access to finance as well as facilitating its use.

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Benefactor Programme

As shown throughout this report, leasing is a crucial form of finance for SMEs. Leaseurope is grateful for the contribution of the following European leasing companies that have subscribed to the current report's benefactor programme:


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The 2011 edition of the report The Use of Leasing Amongst European SMEs was the first research study on the use of leasing amongst SMEs at European level, undertaken for Leaseurope by Oxford Economics.

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If you are a leasing company that is a full member of one of Leaseurope's Member Associations, please complete the online form to obtain your free copy of the report.

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The 2015 edition of the report is the seventh in a series of reports on a specialised industry segment published by Leaseurope. See the Publications and Research Programme sections of our website for further information on other industry segment reports.

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