Leaseurope Research Programme

About Leaseurope's Research Programme

Leaseurope is the voice of the European leasing and automotive rental industry and as such is the primary source of information for the industry at European level. Each year, we are active in ensuring that the leasing industry is provided with up-to-date and comprehensive market data, research studies and publications on the trends and developments of the leasing and automotive rental industry.

Leaseurope’s priority is to ensure that its one-of-a-kind pieces of research, in particular, accurately reflect the importance of as well as issues facing the European industry. Thus, research carried out by Leaseurope is done in a manner that reflects the true needs of the industry. By carrying out high-quality and robust research projects, with the support of the industry, Leaseurope is the only European-level body that can truly position the industry in a credible and reliable way. As a result, our research allows us to: i) explain who the Federation represents; ii) explain the importance of the industry for the European economy; iii) support our lobbying and our various positions; and, iv) promote and raise awareness of the leasing product.

This research expertise helps to reaffirm our position as an information hub, centre for market intelligence and as a credible interlocutor of the European leasing and automotive rental markets; all to the benefit of the wider industry.

Current and previous research projects produced by Leaseurope include:

Basel 3 Research Project - Leaseurope's research project highlighting the low risk nature of leasing in Europe as well as the potential implications Basel 3 will have on the industry. This unique research has been undertaken by Deloitte Conseil France and was financed by the Leaseurope Research Fund, which was created towards the end of 2011 to finance industry-related research.

This research project produced a total of three reports, which will prove valuable for regulators, leasing practitioners, parent companies, investors, academics and anyone else wishing to benchmark the industry.

In order to quantify what an appropriate regulatory credit risk regime would look like, Leaseurope undertook another research project on this subject in conjunction with the University of Cologne, released in 2017. By going beyond default and loss rates, this research complements the pioneering study conducted in 2013 with Deloitte on the risk profile of leasing.

For further information on the content of each of the reports, please click here.

SME Leasing Report – A ground breaking piece of research carried out by leading economic consultancy, Oxford Economics, on behalf of Leaseurope, that demonstrates the vital role leasing plays for European SMEs as well as the potential leasing has in contributing to greater economic growth by stimulating investment in Europe.

Building on our pioneering study conducted in 2011 on “The Use of Leasing Amongst European SMEs” mentioned above, Leaseurope has now undertaken a new comprehensive research project on leasing to SMEs together with Oxford Economics. This European level research on leasing to SMEs will provide the industry with an updated and extended dataset showcasing leasing’s contribution to this sector.For more information, please visit our SME Leasing dedicated webpage here.


European Yellow Goods Leasing Report – The first European-level report specifically focused on construction equipment leasing, produced by Leaseurope together with specialist lease consulting firm Invigors. Looks at the impact of the extreme downturn in sales volumes experienced by the construction equipment industry, the key role asset finance plays in this industry and how asset finance can help the sector’s recovery.

For more information, please click here.


European Car Leasing and Rental Report – A report which examines European car leasing and rental data collected from Leaseurope’s Member Associations together with trends in the automotive industry. Also, it identifies mid-term challenges and opportunities for the car leasing and rental sector.

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