About the Ranking

Every year, in collaboration with its member associations, Leaseurope performs a ranking survey of European leasing companies.

Leasing firms are invited to take part in the survey on a voluntary basis by providing the value and number of contracts granted during the year as well as the value of their leasing portfolios at year-end. Companies are also asked to provide breakdowns of their business according to asset category (equipment, automotive, real estate) and to provide information on the distribution channels they use.

The results of the full survey are strictly reserved for the companies who take part in the exercise as well as Leaseurope's member associations. Under no circumstances is the full survey disclosed to any other parties.

However, an abridged version of the survey, containing the total new leasing volumes and number of contracts, is made publicly available.

These ranking tables can be downloaded here:

Leaseurope's 2017 Ranking Survey - coming soon

The 2017 Leaseurope Ranking Survey is well underway. If you have not submitted data and wish to do so, or if you have submitted data and wish to make any changes to it, please contact Linda Rydén at or +32 2 778 05 74.

The full ranking survey (including breakdowns per asset category) will be sent to all participating companies once it has been finalised. As in previous years, only the global ranking table according to overall new business will be made available to the public.