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Leaseurope's 2014 Future Group Publication

After the huge success that came about with the launch of the Future Group Programme in 2013, Leaseurope repeated the exercise in 2014 with fifteen bright, young lessors from different geographical and functional backgrounds as to truly represent the European industry, all of whom were nominated by the heads of leasing and automotive rental companies from across Europe. While retaining the overall philosophy and spirit of continued innovation, which characterises Leaseurope’s Future Group Programme, each member of the 2014 Class was asked to come up with an innovative idea that would either harness or integrate the potential of a disruptive innovation into the leasing business. The 2014 Future Group publication showcases thirteen out of the fifteen original innovations presented by the Class in 2014. We hope it will foster debate amongst the industry and contribute to great careerfor these bright young talents!

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Leaseurope's 2014 CEO Business Council Report


The CEO Business Council Report is a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the key issues of concern for European leasing industry leaders. It provides a high-level summary of the themes that emerged from the discussions held during the 27 March CEO Business Council entitled “Delivering Service Solutions.”

Within this context, European Chief Executive Officers focused on how the industry can deliver enhanced service solutions. In particular, participants discussed what a service solution actually entails and where the true added value lies in providing such services, with many agreeing that direct relationships with customers is what will make them stand out in comparison with other institutions. Additionally, participants also exchanged ideas on whether it will be necessary for leasing companies to transform their business in order to be able to better provide customer-centric solutions. Views were mixed and the discussions revolved around whether this included just providing funding, providing both funding and services or becoming true service integrators in view of moving past delivering just services to real solutions.

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Leaseurope’s 2013 Future Group Publication


In 2013, Leaseurope launched a high profile programme entitled the Future Group. Sixteen bright, young talents were tasked with coming up with innovative ideas that would revolutionise any aspect of the leasing industry. In order to encourage information exchange and the sharing of best practices amongst the wider European industry, Leaseurope decided to put together a publication that would showcase as many individual ideas that were put forward by these bright talents. The publication was released in April 2014 and puts a spotlight on ten out of the sixteen innovative ideas that were presented in the first edition of the Future Group programme. We hope that the wide variety of concepts developed by Future Group members will provide European lessors with food for thought when it comes to their own businesses.

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Celebrating Leaseurope's 40th Anniversary

Leaseurope's 40th anniversary keepsake booklet "40 years of representing and serving the industry" available upon simple request addressed to

European Leasing: 2012 New Edition - a Joint Leaseurope/KPMG Asset Finance Tax Network Publication


Due to the original 2007 publication’s immense success (found below), Leaseurope and KPMG’s Asset Finance Tax Network worked together once again to update the “European Leasing” publication, which now covers the state of 32 different European leasing markets as well as their legal, accounting and tax treatments.

The intention of the publication is to set out a clearer picture of the most up to date conditions of the European leasing market in an easy to use and comparable format.

For a preview of the publication, an extract is available for download here.

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The Use of Leasing Amongst European SMEs

In today’s climate of poor European economic growth and high government debt, we can no longer look to public spending as the main driver of the European economy. Focus has fallen on SMEs, who represent 99.8% of all European businesses and 66.9% of EU employment* to provide a sustainable economic recovery.

This report demonstrates that leasing is a vital source of investment financing for SMEs and that promotion of this market would ensure that European SMEs can invest and expand more in the future. Given the current economic climate, leasing clearly has an important role to play in helping European SMEs and, in turn the European economy, on the path to full recovery.

The report was undertaken on behalf of Leaseurope by leading economic consultancy Oxford Economics with the support of Linedata. It is based on a survey conducted in July 2011 on the use of leasing amongst European SMEs. Just under 3,000 SMEs were interviewed across 9 industrial sectors and in 8 countries (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden), which together account for 83% of total EU economic output and 78% of the European leasing market.

For more information on how to obtain the report please visit our dedicated SME report webpage.

*European Commission, Annual SME Performance Review 2010

Moving Forward in a New Landscape for Leasing
Industry Leaders’ Outlook

The recent financial and economic crisis has reverberated worldwide and has contributed in shaping a new environment for many players. Leasing companies are adapting to this new environment with other business models and value propositions. This is triggering fundamental changes for the leasing industry.

Leaseurope has recently sounded industry leaders on lessons learnt from the crisis and the implications of some of the more fundamental changes for their company and the leasing industry. They were invited to answer the following questions:

- What are the most significant changes that have impacted the industry in the past two years?
- What are the biggest threats/challenges the industry has to face going forward?
- What are the advantages of/strengths of/opportunities for the industry going forward?
- How much of a difference does legislation developed in Brussels and at international level have on your business?
- What will the industry look like in 5 years?
- If you could change one thing about the business, what would it be?
- What keeps you awake at night when it comes to your industry?

Their insightful answers have been gathered in a forward looking e-publication “Moving Forward in a New Landscape for Leasing - Industry Leaders’ Outlook”. They contribute to a better understanding of the ongoing transformation of the leasing industry.

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European Yellow Goods Leasing Report

The role and future of leasing in the construction sector

Produced by Leaseurope together with specialist lease consulting firm Invigors, the European Yellow Goods Leasing Report looks at the impact of the extreme downturn in sales volumes experienced by the construction equipment industry, the key role asset finance plays in this industry and how asset finance can help the sector’s recovery.

It is the first European-level report to focus specifically on construction equipment leasing, one of the cornerstones of the European market.

Making the most of Leaseurope’s unique network of European industry expertise, the report builds on views gathered from European leasing industry leaders, together with those of the European equipment rental industry, construction equipment manufacturers, distributors and dealers.

The report provides an extensive overview of evolving roles within the supply chain and how asset finance may need to adapt to this changing structure. It also highlights business, remarketing and regulatory developments and the resulting challenges that lie ahead for vendor, captive and direct finance providers.

It is an eye-opener on current trading conditions and future market developments. A must read for all European leasing professionals!

Launched at Leaseurope’s Annual Convention in Hamburg on 30 September and 1 October, the European Yellow Goods Leasing Report is available upon request for all Leaseurope Members and the European leasing and rental firms part of their membership.

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Table of contents available here.

European Car Leasing and Rental Report

Leveraging on its European wide industry statistics collected from its member associations as well as on the expertise of its network of industry practitioners, Leaseurope has produced the European Car Leasing and Rental Report: Future Avenues for the European Car Leasing and Rental Market in cooperation with global strategic management consulting firm A.T. Kearney.

The report examines European car leasing and rental data together with trends in the automotive industry and identifies mid-term challenges and opportunities for the car leasing and rental sector. With this unique report, Leaseurope aims to provide the industry with the background and insights necessary to further develop individual market strategies to pull through today's difficult climate.

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The feedback on the European Car Leasing and Rental Report and any other suggestions to develop similar publications would be very much appreciated.

Fighting Fraud

At a time when fraud is on the increase, Leaseurope announces the release of its E-Publication on Fighting Fraud.

Leveraging its European wide industry network of national leasing associations, Leaseurope has, in its most recent publication, brought together industry initiatives and best practices in the fight against fraud from across the EU.

This unique report aims to raise awareness of what can successfully be done by the industry to fight fraud. It contains a selection of interviews with national leasing associations and a number of articles by practitioners. It offers an exclusive overview of how lessors can fight fraud across Europe.

A preview of the e-publication can be downloaded here. The full report is available to all Leaseurope members and European leasing/automotive rental firms. For your copy or for further information, please contact

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European Leasing - a joint Leaseurope/KPMG publication - 2007

What with the strong demand for a comprehensive, easy-to-use reference tool on leasing in Europe, it was a natural step for Leaseurope, the trade association representing the European leasing and automotive rental industry and KPMG, with their highly respected and knowledgeable international network of experts on leasing taxation, to come together to produce a synopsis covering leasing market data at the same time as regulatory aspects of leasing throughout Europe.

The resulting publication is thus an overview of 25 individual European leasing markets, including market information and a review of the legal, fiscal and accounting frameworks in these countries in a comparable and easy to use electronic format.

Preview the publication

An extract of the publication is available for download here.

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The publication is available to Leaseurope members. European leasing firms are invited to contact their local leasing association to obtain a copy. A list of Leaseurope member associations can be found on our membership page.

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