Leaseurope’s mission is not only to represent the European leasing and automotive rental industry, ensuring the sector’s voice is heard by European and international policymakers, but to also be the catalyst for European-level research.

In order to serve as such a catalyst, Leaseurope decided to launch a programme to enter into partnerships with universities across Europe so as to promote leasing-related research as well as to raise greater awareness of leasing to the benefit of the European leasing industry.


How does it work?

Leaseurope’s University Partnership Programme is intended to bring about a transfer of knowledge to foster close ties between universities and industry.

The Programme offers the opportunity for highly motivated students in their final stage of study to gain access to the wealth of Leaseurope’s knowledge, including market research, statistics and guidance on the European leasing market, for the purpose of their research and thesis writing process.

Moreover, students willing to conduct research in the field of leasing have also the possibility to receive a list of research topics, which have been submitted by Leaseurope’s Board of Directors. Leaseurope will also try to facilitate direct contact between national leasing and automotive rental practitioners and students, thereby bridging the gap between university graduates and business communities allowing real insight into business practice.


Who can become a partner?

The University Partnership Programme is open to accredited Universities and their students wishing to benefit from Leaseurope‘s market intelligence and close ties to the industry.

Students are invited to contact with a short summary of their

• intended research

• request

• name of their responsible institution and supervisor


What happens once students complete their research?

Leaseurope will be in regular contact with the students and the institutions participating in the Programme. Upon completion and submission of the thesis, students will make their final work available to Leaseurope, thereby contributing to Leaseurope’s overall Research Programme to the benefit of the industry.



Official Partners to the Programme



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