Leaseurope TV

Welcome to Leaseurope TV - A special section on video interviews with industry practitioners and representatives of Leaseurope’s Member Associations on a variety of leasing related issues.

The video describes what leasing is and how it contributes to the European economy by supporting business investment. It shows how leasing is particularly well suited for SMEs, supports manufacturer sales and encourages sustainable investment and a more efficient use of resources.
Ian Bell, Head of the PCS (Prime Collateralised Securities) Secretariat, shares his views on how the European Securitisation market is likely to evolve in the next years and on the European Commission's ‎proposal to revive a high-quality securitisation market.
Morten Guldhaug, Executive Vice President, DNB and Member of the Leaseurope Board of Directors describes a recent digital solution introduced by DNB in their auto finance partnerships with dealers. He also touches upon the developments he sees in general in the banking sector, especially related to mobile solutions, and in particular the impact of digital developments in their equipment leasing business.
Gerry Keany, Chief Executive at the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association, in charge of the day-to-day management of the European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRC) explains how the Service has evolved since its launch in 2010 and where it stands today.

The European Car Rental Conciliation Service currently includes the main European vehicle rental operators and helps customers with unresolved complaints concerning cross border vehicle rentals within Europe. More on the ECRCS here

Enrico Duranti, Managing Director, Iccrea BancaImpresa explains his vision on the way forward for Leaseurope during his mandate as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Leaseurope for the next two years.

Neil Cunningham, General Manager, Hertz UK & Europe Off Airport, and member of the Board of Directors at Leaseurope, explains why the car rental industry and Leaseurope engage with the European Commission on car rental issues.
Laurent Bonnaure, COO, Fraikin and Chair of the Leaseurope Truck Rental Working Group, comments on the role of the Working Group and the main policy files currently on the agenda. He further comments on the publications released by Leaseurope on truck leasing and rental, including the latest leaflet “Truck & Trailer Leasing and Rental: One-Stop Shop for Businesses.
Dr Martin Starck, Chairman of the Management Board, LBBW Leasing, shares his views on the positive role leasing plays in supporting SMEs, providing finance even during times of crisis and contributing to the success of their business.

Mark Venus, Chair of Leaseurope’s Accounting & Taxation Committee, comments on the lease accounting project and latest decisions taken by the IASB and the FASB, including their recent, diverging decisions with respect to the P&L treatment for lessees.

In view of the concerns raised by main stakeholders and the divergent approach now taken by the FASB and the IASB, Mark Venus stresses the need to maintain the current standard IAS 17 with improved disclosures as the way forward for international lease accounting.

Frederic Le Verdier, Senior Director, Financial Solutions, Toyota Material Handling Europe, explains the reasons why Europe is a strategic region as far as Toyota Material Handling is concerned.
Frederic also attended Leaseurope’s 2014 CEO Business Council. He commented that Leaseurope was to be praised for organising such fantastic fora as they provide peers with the opportunity to discuss about the business. Additionally, he found this year’s theme ‘Delivering Service Solutions’ of particular relevance - April 2014
Kim Carter, Vice President, Leasing Ricoh Europe, comments on her participation in Leaseurope’s 2014 CEO Business Council, where heads of European leasing & automotive rental companies have come together to discuss about ‘Delivering Service Solutions’. In addition to the relevancy of the topic, Kim particularly appreciated the networking opportunity and the possibility to exchange with peers from across Europe thanks to this discussion forum - March 2014

Vahid Daemi, CEO, LeasePlan Corporation, comments on his main take away from the discussions held during Leaseurope’s 2014 CEO Business Council, where heads of European leasing & automotive rental companies have come together to discuss about ‘Delivering Service Solutions’. He further mentioned that this 3rd CEO Business Council organised by Leaseurope is a highly valued platform to discuss topical issues, business challenges and the future of the industry with peers at European level - March 2014

Eric Spielrein, Secretary General of RCI Bank, a captive of Renault Nissan Alliance, shares his views on the main challenges and opportunities for the motor finance industry going forward. Amongst others, he addresses the impacts of the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR), a new standard for supervisors to use in liquidity risk supervision transposed into the European regulatory framework by the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD IV) and accompanying Capital Requirements Regulation and what Leaseurope and Eurofinas are arguing for in this respect, notably the inclusion of auto ABS in the liquidity buffer and relief from the disproportionate impact of the LCR on specialised business models - March 2014

On the occasion of the 2013 European Consumer Summit organised by the European Commission, Richard Knubben, Senior Automotive Adviser at Leaseurope explained the European Car Rental Conciliation Service run by the BVRLA on behalf of Leaseurope - March 2013

Artti Aurasmaa, CEO, 3StepIT, shares his views on the latest CEO Business Council organised by Leaseurope and his takeaways on innovation and the future of the leasing industry - March 2013

Max Moi, Leaseurope's Chair, explains the main priorities for Leaseurope going forward and how he intends to contribute to a strong pan-European Federation - March 2013

Andrea Albensi, Chair of Leaseurope's Legal Committee, on some of the regulatory challenges ahead for the leasing and automotive rental industry in Europe - June 2012

Peter-Jan Bentein, Secretary General of Leaseurope’s Dutch Member Association, NVL, explains how Leaseurope’s report, “The Use of Leasing Amongst European SMEs”, was vital to the NVL’s promotion of the leasing industry and of the importance of leasing for SMEs in the Netherlands - May 2012


Vincent Rupied, Chair of Leaseurope's Automotive Steering Group, on how the car lease sector can help in reducing polluting emissions of the vehicule fleet and in contributing to new mobility concepts at European level - April 2012

John Lewis, Chair of Leaseurope's Short-Term Car Rental Working Group, on the challenges faced by the European short-term rental industry going forward - March 2012

Jukka Salonen, Leaseurope's Chair, on the release of a unique report by Leaseurope on the use of leasing by SMEs - December 2011

Mark Venus, Chair of Leaseurope's  Accounting Committee  and member of the IASB/FASB Leases Working Group, on the feedback the IASB/FASB have recently received on their Leases Exposure Draft,  which sets out a new approach to accounting standard for leases - February 2011