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Enrico Duranti, CEO at Iccrea BancaImpresa

“Despite relatively strong performance in the third quarter, 2019 has been a challenging year. Macroeconomic uncertainty, trade tensions and the adaptation to changing regulatory requirements have resulted in increasing costs for the European leasing business. Regardless of these headwinds, European lessors have managed to expand their income and portfolio. Clearly this year will present large and unprecedented challenges for firms across Europe as economies contract, uncertainties remain and governments make large scale adaptations. Therefore, it will be essential for European lessors to maximise our internal strengths, minimize the impact of external challenges, and continue to support European businesses, especially SMEs, during difficult times with the repercussions of Covid19.”

Participating Companies

ALD Automotive
Iccrea BancaImpresa
BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions
Caterpillar S.A.R.L.
Credit Agricole Leasing & Factoring
DnB Finans
Hitachi Capital UK
ING Lease
Mediocredito Italiano
Nordea Finance
UniCredit Leasing
Siemens Financial Services
Société Générale Equipment Finance
UBI Leasing
Xerox Financial Services - Europe

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Leaseurope Index

The Leaseurope Index is a unique quarterly survey of European leasing and automotive rental companies. In addition to volumes and portfolios, the survey tracks cost/income, profitability, cost of risk, return on assets and return on equity ratios.

The results of the Leaseurope Index for Q4 2019 can be accessed here.

Leaseurope has an additional supplement to the regular Index, namely the Segment Survey. This annual report shows profitability, cost/income, cost of risk and return on asset ratios for each of four asset types. These asset types are equipment, real estate, passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The results of the Segment Survey for 2018 can be accessed here.

About the Leaseurope Index

Who conducts this survey?

Leaseurope conducts this survey. Individual companies report their figures for each indicator to Leaseurope, which aggregates the results on a confidential basis.

What is the purpose of this survey?

The purpose of the Leaseurope Index is to provide timely and regular information on the European leasing and automotive rental market. This is the only survey to report statistics on both volume of business and value creation metrics at European level.

What indicators are covered by the Leaseurope Index?

Please click here for definitions of the 7 key performance indicators.

Please click here for definitions of the 4 asset categories.

Which companies take part in the survey?

23 companies participate on a voluntary basis (see box on the right). This sample is broadly representative of the European market in terms of geographic coverage and asset coverage. The sample represents a significant share of the total European leasing market.

How should the survey results be interpreted?

The survey tracks trends in key performance indicators at European level. The results are only presented in aggregate and no inferences can be made about any individual company’s performance based on this aggregate data.

Extreme care should be taken in comparing individual company performance with the Leaseurope Index, which spans a sample of lessors active in different market segments. For example, the sample includes general leasing companies, automotive lessors, captive equipment vendors etc. The companies in the sample are also active in different geographic markets.

Please note that the results of the Segment Survey may not be directly comparable to the Leaseurope Index Quarterly Survey. Various assets that are included in the Quarterly Survey results and which do not fit into one of the four categories used in the Segment Survey, such as renewable energy or big ticket assets, may not be taken into account in the Segment Survey results. Various costs and incomes related to international co-ordination of the business may also not be included, as they can be difficult to allocate to different asset types. In some cases the company figures for each asset type are estimates. For instance, if financial indicators split by assets include a variety of products, then the portion attributable to leasing needed to be estimated. Equally, if asset splits were only available for the total automotive portfolio, then the split by passenger cars and heavy commercial vehicles had to be estimated in some cases.

For this survey, Leaseurope aggregates self-declared information. Though the Leaseurope Secretariat monitors the plausibility of the data, this is not audited data. As such, the Leaseurope Index should only be used for indicative purposes and care should be taken in interpreting the results.

Although the sample is broadly representative, care should be taken in making inferences about market trends for the industry as a whole.

What is the geographic scope of this survey?

Consolidated figures are reported for the entire European activities of the participating companies.

Europe is defined in the widest sense as EU28 + EFTA + other countries e.g. Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Croatia etc.

Each company reports figures in euro regardless of which countries they operate in or which currencies they report in.

What is meant by “leasing”?

The term “leasing” is used in its broadest sense, covering hire purchase, finance and operating leasing which includes long term rental. Leasing is defined according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS16).

When will the next Leaseurope Index results be released?

The quarterly survey is conducted on a quarterly basis. For future editions of this survey, Leaseurope aims to publish the results on this website within eight weeks of the close of quarter.

The segment survey is conducted on an annual basis. For future editions of this survey, Leaseurope aims to publish the results on this website during April each year.


Please note that the information contained in the Leaseurope Index is of a general nature. Nobody should act upon such information without first seeking appropriate professional advice and after a thorough examination of a particular situation. Neither Leaseurope nor participating companies can be held responsible or liable for any losses or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use of the information contained in the Leaseurope Index.