Press Releases

  • March 2014
    Leading Audit, Tax and Advisory Firm KPMG Joins Leaseurope as Associate Member
  • March 2014
    José Coronel de Palma, Managing Director, Caterpillar Financial Corporation appointed new Leaseurope Board Member
  • February 2014
    European Parliament votes its Report on the Insurance Mediation Directive


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Leaseurope is the voice of leasing and automotive rental in Europe

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In the spotlight

The Lease Accounting Project

In a video interview, Mark Venus, Chair of Leaseurope’s Accounting Committee, comments on the lease accounting project and latest decisions taken by the IASB and the FASB, including their recent, diverging decisions with respect to the P&L treatment for lessees.

In view of the concerns raised by main stakeholders and the divergent approach now taken by the FASB and the IASB, Mark Venus stresses the need to maintain the current standard IAS 17 with improved disclosures as the way forward for international lease accounting.