Does Leaseurope have working relationships with non-European leasing associations?

Yes. In particular the leasing associations of the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. This is particularly important in the field of lease accounting given the international scope of the new standard being discussed by the IASB and the FASB.

How can I influence the work agenda of Leaseurope?

By contributing to the work of the relevant Committee/Group and having regular contacts with the relevant policy adviser.

Who sets the priorities of Leaseurope?

Every year, in October/November, the Technical Committees and Steering Groups (on which each member association can be represented) set their priorities for the following year. The said priorities are then discussed and endorsed, in early December, by the Board of Leaseurope.

Who approves Leaseurope’s position papers?

Position papers are approved by the relevant Technical Committee or Steering Group (on which each member association can be represented), using a written procedure (so as not to penalize those unable to attend the meetings).  In the absence of consensus among Committee/Steering Group members, the Chair of the Federation decides on what the position of the Federation is, in agreement with the Director General; and, at the discretion of the Chair of the Federation, also in agreement with the Vice-chairs or the Board of Directors.

Why are statistics so important to Leaseurope?

Statistics are absolutely essential in order to i) explain who the Federation represents, ii) explain the importance to the economy of the industry Leaseurope represents and iii) substantiate our various positions. In the European Union one can no longer expect to influence the policy-making process in the absence of robust quantitative data. Sweeping statements do not work. Arguments must well thought through and substantiated by concrete evidence and hard data.

How can I contribute an article to Leaseurope's newsletter?

In case you are interested in contributing an article to Leaseurope Inside, please contact

How can I support Leaseurope’s lobbying efforts?

By making expertise available to Leaseurope and encouraging your national leasing association to join Leaseurope and/or actively lobby their national authorities.

How can I join a Committee, Steering Group or Working Group of Leaseurope?

In case you are interested in joining a Committee, Steering Group or Working Group of the Federation, please inform the relevant Leaseurope staff member and he/she will let you know what to do.

How come Leaseurope is not working on any issues of interest to me?

Most likely because either you never let Leaseurope know about your concerns or you did but it turned out that your concerns have no European dimension and is not something Leaseurope should be dealing with.

What is Eurofinas?

Eurofinas is the Federation that represents the consumer credit industry at EU level.  Leaseurope and Eurofinas occupy the same premises in Brussels and have some member associations in common.

Why is it important to have a strong industry voice at EU and international level?

Because more and more legislation has an EU or international origin. 

Does Leaseurope work with 3rd parties?

Leaseurope join forces with other Federations whenever it is sensible to do so.

Leaseurope, the voice of the leasing and automotive rental industry in Europe, wants to be considered by the EU and international institutions as a representative, reliable, knowledgeable and credible interlocutor, Hence we do the 'lobbying' ourselves. No lobbying firm can claim acting on behalf of Leaseurope. 

Is Leaseurope registered in the European Commission's register of interest representatives?


Can we use the state-of-the-art Brussels-based meeting facilities of Leaseurope (30 pax meeting room + lounge)?

 Yes. In case of interest, please contact