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22 May 2009

Putting leasing on the line: The new IFRS Proposals for Lease Accounting

Date: 22 May


Changes to today’s IAS17, the international accounting standard for leases, will affect all businesses that lease or rent their equipment or property.
Leaseurope and the FLA are holding a one-day event in London on 22 May to discuss the implications of these changes on the financial statements of lessees.

In its different forms, leasing is a key source of finance for many European businesses. In current economic conditions, it is increasing in importance as an enabler of business investment and is used across the entire spectrum of firms’ asset related needs. 
Changes to international lease accounting standards have been on the cards for many years but are now becoming closer to being implemented. The International Accounting Standards Board and the US-based Financial Accounting Standards Board are about to publish proposals on how leases should be reflected in financial statements.

But just what do the proposals entail and how will they impact your business? Will having leases on the books make a difference?
Participants had the opportunity to find out more and contribute to the debate at the Forum.

Presentations made available can be downloaded below:

Improving International Financial Reporting for Leases
Warren McGregor, Member of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)

The New Approach to Lessee Accounting: A Right of Use Model
Rachel Knubley, IASB Leases Project Manager

The New IFRS Proposals for Leases - The Initial and Subsequent Measurement
Martin Vogel, Senior Manager, KPMG Germany

Putting Leasing on the Line - The Joint FASB/IASB Leasing Project Discussion Paper - Options
John Williamson, Partner, PwC UK

The Future of Lease Accounting - The Joint FASB/IASB Leasing Project Discussion Paper – Lessor Accounting
John Williamson, Partner, PwC UK

The New IFRS Proposals for Leases - Contingent Rentals and Residual Value Guarantees
David Maxwell, Classic Technologies

Scope of the Proposed New Lease Accounting Standard
Sebastien Landry, Senior Manager, Mazars Paris

The Effects on Lessee Financial Statements: Case Studies
William Bosco, Leasing 101, member of the IASB/FASB Leases WG

How the German Accounting Standards Board Views the Proposals
Liesel Knorr, President, GASB
A Preparer Perspective
Nicolas Depaillerets, Group Accounting Principles Department, France Telecom